New Beginnings

August 2020
I feel a freedom to grow something new.

I've made only one piece of jewelry since March, a tiny pearl bracelet for my baby daughter. I am so thankful to have been able to take this time to focus on her.

Call it maternity or covid leave, I'm taking a break for a little while. My studio at the Torpedo Factory is closed for now. It's a place that welcomes the public to visit with artists and craftspeople in their place of work, and it's just not a comfortable environment to put myself, or my clients, in right now.

This climate we find ourselves in sure weighs heavy. How do we move ahead when so much seems out of our control? I'm encouraged to take a moment to step back and refocus.

Yes I am still making things! Food mostly, to be honest... but I am also re-imagining Meg by Hand and I have some great and beautiful things in the works. I can't promise a date for relaunch yet, but you'll hear from me if you're subscribed to the email list or follow me on Instagram.

For now, please enjoy browsing the remaining pieces -- I'm adding more online as I unbox and photograph them. And, I've marked down purchases as an appreciation for you, my amazing customers. Your discount will appear in the cart.

Thank you all for your encouragement! Thank you.